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Morocco: the Kane Ya Makane association celebrates its 10th anniversary

On the occasion of the evening event in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Moroccan association, Kane Ya Makane, on Thursday 5th December in Casablanca, Bénédicte Schutz, Director of the Government of Monaco’s International Cooperation, welcomed the fact that the Government of Monaco had been “a partner of the NGO and Tanouir project from the very beginning”.

Kane Ya Makane is an association working for women and schooling for children in the rural environment. In 2010, it submitted to the Monegasque Cooperation – among others – its Tanouir project, the purpose of which is “to combat school dropout rates thanks to made-to-measure artistic programmes in order to meet the association’s goals”, as pointed out by its President, Mounia Benchekroun.

“We understood straightaway that the President’s intuition that teaching art and culture in a fun way offer a creative method which could be of tremendous benefit to children in pre-school and primary classes in isolated and mountainous regions”, points out Bénédicte Schutz.


The figures are proof: since its launch in 2010, the Tanouir project has concerned over 21,000 children and 4,000 of them are taken under the association’s wing every year. Furthermore, 325 teachers and 12 public sector headteachers have also benefitted from training in fun teaching methods.