Publishing of the book “Enfants et soins en pédiatrie en Afrique de l’Ouest”

As part of a project supported by the Monegasque Cooperation, the book “Enfants et soins en pédiatrie en Afrique de l’Ouest” (Children and paediatric care in West Africa) has just been published. It was written by a panel of experts, headed by anthropologist Yannick Jaffré.

The book is the culmination of work conducted to improve the quality of paediatric care under the ENSPEDIA (Enfants et Soins en Pédiatrie en Afrique) programme by an interdisciplinary group bringing together social science experts, paediatricians, oncologists, haematologists, doctors and nurses. It was edited by Professor Yannick Jaffré, Director of Research emeritus at CNRS and the scientific director of GID-Santé (Groupe Inter-Académique pour le Developpement at the Institut de France).

The book deals with issues related to the quality of paediatric care and the experience of the players involved (children, medical staff, carers and family) in an innovative manner, placing particular focus on the conceptions of disease, the suffering experienced, perceptions concerning the interaction with carers and families, and attitudes and thoughts faced with the pain and death of young African patients. It is geared primarily towards students, researchers and practitioners in social and medical sciences.

In West Africa, where the infant mortality rate is higher than any other continent (79 for 1,000), children are the primary users of hospitals on the African continent and despite the development of high-level medical facilities, these children still suffer from inadequate medical and social care (poor treatment, difficulty in following therapeutic protocols due to family poverty and inadequacy of services, maladjusted pain management, often inexistent palliative care). A group of African and European paediatricians and researchers in Social Sciences, combining research and practical experience, have set out to improve the situation.

The Government of Monaco has supported the GID ENSPEDIA programme since 2016. The key objective is to improve the quality of care provided in paediatric and medical departments in eight West African countries (Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Benin, Guinea, Togo).

ENSPEDIA documentary: