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Child Nutrition

Creation of a new Child Nutrition flagship programme, given that childhood malnutrition affects all countries targeted by Monaco’s international development policy: 10% of children in Tunisia, more than 50% in Niger, Madagascar and Burundi.

Malnutrition in children under five results in irreversible stunted growth which affects children’s physical and mental potential. The aim is to ensure that all new-borns and young children have at least one nutritious meal per day.

Operations are carried out in areas where the majority of the population lives below the poverty line, in disadvantaged rural communities (poor agricultural production due to climate change and/or unsustainable farming practices, prolonged hunger gaps, etc.), in urban areas without access to quality food (shanty towns) or in constrained environments (e.g. refugee camps).

  • Support for national malnutrition prevention mechanisms in Niger and Madagascar
  • Treatment for children suffering from acute undernutrition: support for nutrition rehabilitation centres to screen and refer children (Niger, Madagascar)
  • Food assistance in emergency situations resulting from droughts and/or conflicts (Sahel, Mali) with a particular focus on nursing mothers and their babies
  • Training mothers in best nutritional practices (Madagascar, Niger)
  • Promotion of food fortification: support for the production and use of local fortified foods (grains for infants) or products with a high nutritional value (Niger, Madagascar)
  • Support for school meal programmes (Burundi) that make it possible to extend the length of time children, particularly girls, stay in school, and which provide them with the food they need to concentrate and learn. By purchasing supplies on the local market, these programmes can also contribute to the economy

Main partners: WFP, Action against Hunger Foundation, GRET (Research and Technological Exchange Group), IRAM, SOS Sahel.