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World Health Assembly Monaco Makes a Commitment to Eradicating Poliomyelitis


As part of the 70th World Health Assembly (WHO), the Principality of Monaco submitted a draft decision on a transition plan for the WHO programme on combating poliomyelitis, for adoption by the Assembly.

The Monegasque Government has been involved in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative for several years and is currently one of the largest per capita donors.  H.E. Ms. Carole Lanteri, Ambassador of Monaco, serves as co-chair of the Global Partners Group of this initiative.

It is now possible to eradicate this disease, and this should happen in the coming years, if all the partners remain committed.  In this regard, the Global Initiative's work is focused, in line with its mandate, on the three countries where polio is endemic and on 15 or so priority States.

That is why the Principality has proposed this draft decision, which is co-sponsored by more than fifty States - including all the member States of the European Union.

The decision was adopted by consensus on 29 May.

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