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World Food Day - 16th October 2018

SDG n° 2 “Zero Hunger” is one of the Monegasque Cooperation’s 4 priorities for intervention. In 2018, a flagship programme specifically dedicated to child nutrition was established.


Worldwide, hunger is gaining ground. Of the Monegasque Cooperation’s 11 partner countries, 8 have disturbingly high levels of child malnutrition. The most serious situations include: Burundi (56% of under-fives suffer from malnutrition), Madagascar (50%) and countries in the Sahel region (30%).

To date, the Monegasque Cooperation supports approximately 25 development assistance projects to promote nutrition and food security, representing a total of 6.6 million Euros.

Many of these initiatives are implemented in partnership with the World Food Programme (WFO) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) with the focus on operations such as support for sustainable agricultural networks and the creation of school canteens.

Emergency aid in response to food crises also represents a significant part of Monegasque funding.

Moreover, the Office of International Cooperation works in conjunction with internationally recognised NGOs (Action Contre la Faim, GRET, IRAM…) and offers support to local players (national authorities, NGOs, agricultural/food companies…).

For the reader’s information, in 2017, 821 million people suffered from malnutrition, of whom 50 million were children.

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