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Samusocial Mali: “more than 5000 street children offered support since 2001”

On the occasion of its 18th General Assembly which took place in Bamako on 2nd September, Samusocial Mali, supported by the Monegasque Cooperation since 2013, made an assessment of its actions in aid of street children.

The SamuSocial Mali team about to set off for a night patrol ©REALIS

Samusocial Mali helps street children and youth in Bamako on a daily basis, offering them medical, psychosocial and educational care. Support from the Monegasque Cooperation also helps to support a capacity building and continuous training programme for professionals in the sector.




Samusocial Mali 2017 – Key figures
251 individuals offered shelter
1934 psychosocial sessions
944 educational sessions
1202 individuals benefitted from action
348 night patrols
199 day patrols
1881 medical treatments

Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world: over half of its population lives below the poverty line. Those hit first by this precarious situation are children and youth surviving on the streets. This trend, related to strong urban growth, is concentrated in the city of Bamako. In high numbers, these children and youth are the victims of social exclusion and exposed to risks to their health and lives.

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