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Winter School 2020: Congratulations to the winners… and associations!

For its traditional Winter School, which took place on the Sciences Po Paris Campus in Menton from 20th to 24th January 2020, the Monegasque Cooperation organised an innovative charity Challenge for the students, in order to raise their awareness of various rights in the MENA* region.

The Moroccan association El Khir celebrates its victory in the Women’s/Girls’ Rights category!

After a 2-day introduction course on various rights by experts, partners of the Monegasque Cooperation, the 140 students representing over 40 nationalities from the first year of the Sciences Po campus were given just over 48 hours to create a visual aid (film, poster, sketch…) to promote the various rights addressed.

For each of the 5 rights (Children, Refugees, Persons with Disabilities, Women/Girls and Food), 3 teams competed on behalf of one of the Monegasque Cooperation’s partner associations to whom they had spoken beforehand and chosen to support.

The International Office of Cooperation would like to congratulate all the winners of the innovative charity Challenge 2020:

-       Children’s Voice (Children’s rights) which competed on behalf of the Lebanese association Tahaddi;

-       All of Us (Women’s/Girls’ rights) on behalf of the Moroccan association El Khir (photo);

-       The Troupe des Réfugiés (Refugees’ rights) on behalf of UNWRA in Lebanon;

-       Histoires (Rights of persons with disabilities) on behalf of the Moroccan association AEH;

-       Food Fighters (Right to food), on behalf of the Oeuvre d’Orient Monaco and its actions in Lebanon.

Lastly, the Grand Jury Prize was awarded to Histoires. The Prize money went to the Foundation My Future, by Yemeni film director Khadija Al Salami, who came to present her film “Yemen: kids and war” for the occasion.

* Middle East & North Africa

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