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Department of International Cooperation supports No Finish Line

During the No Finish Line event, from 10 to 18 November, the Prince’s Government, via the Department of International Cooperation, sponsored the kilometres run by government staff, resulting in a donation of EUR 11,000 for the charity Children & Future.

© Government Communication Department / Manuel Vitali

Civil servants and government staff got heavily involved in the event again this year, racking up a total of 10,269 kilometres.

As it has done every year since 2009, the Department of International Cooperation will fund the entire distance run by civil servants and government staff, to the tune of one euro per kilometre. This will be rounded up to EUR 11,000 and donated to Children & Future. 

The Department has maintained a strong partnership with the charity for a number of years via the Monaco Humanitarian Collective programme, and through co-funding development aid projects in Mali, Madagascar and Senegal.

The race, a powerful way of raising money, demonstrates a great show of solidarity focused on a single objective: helping children in need.

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